Parts For This 49cc Pocket Bike  

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      |Model #      |   49cc Super Pocket Bike

49cc Pocket Bike Fatty High-Performance Exhaust

33cc/43cc/49cc Pocket Bike Performance UFO Style Air Filter w/ built in choke switch

49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike Skinny Performance Pipe

43cc/49cc Billet Air Filter

33cc/43cc/49cc UFO Style Performance Air Filter Kit
43cc/49cc Cone Air Filter

  33cc/43cc/49cc UFO Style Air Filter Kit

33cc/43cc/49cc Performance Air Filter

 Brake Cable, Front or Rear

49cc Pocket Bike Front Fairing

  49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike Tail Light Assembly

Pocket Bike Throttle Cable

49cc Engine Case

49cc Motor

Cat-eye Throttle Cable (36 inch)

49cc Pocket Bike Short chain

49cc Pocket bike Long Chain
49CC Motor, headlight, dual disc brake, Suspension fork, Muffler.


49cc Pocket Bike Tail Light Bulb  (Pair)



49cc Pocket Bike Clear Style Tail Light Assembly


49cc Pocket Bike Round Style Headlight Bulb


49cc Pocket Bike Orange Bulb (Turn Signal)


49cc Pocket Bike Tail Light Assembly



49cc Pocket Bike Head Light Assembly

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Spark Plug

43cc/49cc Pull Starter Cover
Pull Starter

Brake Caliper

49cc Pocket Bike Cylinder

49cc Pocket Bike Freewheel     

Large Brake Disc (6-screw)

49cc Pocket Bike Rear Sprocket (44 Tooth)

49cc Piston

49cc Piston Ring (pair)

6200z/ 6200-2RS Performance Bearings (pair)

49cc Pocket Bike Control Module

Oil/Gasoline Mixing Bottle

Pocket Bike Decals

Handle: Left/Right

49cc Cat-eye Pocket Bike 36 tooth Sprocket

49cc Pocket Bike Seat Pad

49cc Pocket Bike Handle Bar Set

49cc Pocket Bike Windshield

49cc Ignition Coil

49cc Pocket Bike Gas Tank

49cc Pocket Bike Rear Rim

49cc Pocket Bike Ultra-High Performance Tire

49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike 54 tooth Sprocket

Pair of Thick Chain Re-Linkers

4-wire Key Switch

49cc Cylinder

33cc/43cc/49cc Velocity Stack w/ built in Choke Switch

49cc Pocket Bike Chain Gear
49cc Pocket Bike Motor Mount

43cc/49cc Intake Manifold 

49cc Pocket Bike Fork

49cc Pocket Bike Front Mud Guard

49cc Pocket Bike Seat Fairing

49cc Cat-eye Pocket Bike Axle

49cc Pocket Bike Muffler

NGK Spark Plug

43cc/49cc Transmission Bolt Set

Bling Bling Handle Sets  

Black Key Switch

Ported 49cc Cylinder

Starter Claw (pawl) Bolt

Front Sprocket Clip

Charging Component

Drive Sprocket  

33cc/43cc/49cc Clutch Drum
49cc Pocket Bike Foot Peg (pair)

Kill Switch

Carburetor Kit for 49cc Mid-size Bike

Walbro Intake Adapter for 43cc/49cc Motors

33cc/43cc/49cc Starter Claw

33cc/43cc/49cc HP Clutch Spring

33cc/43cc/49cc Stock Clutch Spring

Clutch Pad
49cc Cat-eye Pocket Wire Harness

NSK High Speed 6200zz Bearing

43cc/49cc Gasket Set

49cc Carburetor

43cc/49cc Air Intake Plate

43cc/49cc Carburetor Bolt (pair)

Billet Anodized Tire Valve Stem Cap (pair)

Brake Pad Set 

Anodized Aluminum 6mm Screw sets (20) for the plastic body panels

Billet Anodized Tire Valve Stem Cap (pair)

Rocket Key


Performance Carburetor Kit for 49cc Mid-size Bike (w/ air filter)

49cc Pocket Bike Speedometer $20

49cc Pocket Bike Pointy Style Headlight Bulb

12v Round Style Headlight Bulb (2-contact style)

Axle Protector Set (chrome or red)

49cc Cat-Eye Pocket Bike Axle

Kill Switch

Electric Starter Bolt set, Electric Starter Spacer

43cc/49cc Transmission bolt set